Call Center

PSRI’s Call Center infrastructure and workplace experience offer a complete communication plan for our customers. Whether it’s inbound, outbound, or collection calls, our clients are able to select from a full range of services to fulfill their specific communication outsourcing needs.

Our call center uses internally developed proprietary software to aggregate, manage, document, and process client data. Currently, PSRI has one in-house and two off-site call centers.

This practice area incorporates PSRI’s role to hire, train and manage staff resources sufficient to develop and implement customer support solutions. In this regard, PSRI developed, implemented, trained and established a customer service support center and its staff components for the Missouri “Centralized Child Support Collections” project in a minimum amount of time. The charge associated with that effort was to establish a unit that could handle in excess of twenty thousand (20,000) monthly telephone inquiries and correspondence from custodial and non-custodial parents, employers, courts of competent jurisdiction and child support staff from other states. In concert with Systems & Methods, Inc. (SMI), PSRI was involved in every facet of the project’s development and implementation which now has 12 customer service representatives. As testimony to the efficiency of the unit, the original staffing level was reduced by more than 30%. In addition to the 12 customer service representatives, PSRI also supplied the IT staff charged with providing local management, technical support, maintenance, and ad hoc programming and reporting.