PSRI has undertaken a number of major IT projects during the past 10 years, most notably the following:

Third Party Liability/Revenue Enhancement Services – PSRI manages the out-bound call center support on this project in conjunction with the subrogation of Title XIX/TPL claims to private health insurance carriers throughout the nation. Our call center is maintained by our internal technical support staff and is equipped with Sonitrol secured access, dedicated T-1 internet access, full T-1 phone line access, and back-up POTS lines. Our agents are provided the best in desktop technology running Windows and Anti-Virus protection. Our network platform operates on Microsoft’s newest and most stable server software.

Statewide Advantage for Missouri (SAM II) – this was a $40 million installation of a new accounting/HR system for the State of Missouri. The project spanned 4 years during which PSRI provided management and IT support which included approximately 35+ technical and project management staff.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Project – this project involved the conversion of a paper benefits distribution system to the electronic disbursement of cash and food stamp benefits to public assistance recipients. This was a 7-year engagement with PSRI providing project management and technical staff support.

IT Consulting Services Contract – PSRI provides IT consultants on this project throughout Missouri state governmental agencies to work on a variety of IT-related projects on an “as needed/as requested” basis. The skill categories being provided under this contract include mainframe, small business development, project management, AS/400, AIX, Windows NT, Requirements, Architecture, Imaging, Internet, Security, Middleware, and Data Warehouse.

Retrospective Drug Utilization Project – PSRI analyzed potentially harmful prescription drug interactions under the Title XIX/Medicaid program. PSRI produced client profiles and generated notifications to physicians and pharmacists with regard to those cases that reflected potentially harmful medically related drug interactions.

Centralized Child Support Collections System – PSRI managed the in-bound call center/help desk and provided 17+ call center technicians and management staff to support this project. Through its management efforts, PSRI staff processed approximately 25,000 monthly inquiries, updated the State Child Support Enforcement MIS, and provided IT maintenance support to the project/system applications.