Lloyd Conley

Founder & President

Professional Services and Resources, Inc. (PSRI) was originally incorporated in the State of Illinois as a certified MBE, that was primarily engaged in business with the State of Illinois. PSRI was subsequently relocated to Jefferson City, Missouri in 1993 after completion of its six (6) year Illinois engagement. As a management consulting firm, PSRI provides a variety of services and products to government agencies at the federal, state and local levels, and to private providers of health and human services. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Jefferson City, MO, PSRI currently maintains field offices in Albany, New York and Jackson, Mississippi.

As PSRI’s President, Mr. Conley opens all of the firm’s major projects. His personal involvement is intentional, and is intended not only to demonstrate the firm’s total commitment to a client’s project from the beginning of each project but, as well, to provide a level of confidence to our clients that PSRI’s total resources are available to ensure the success of every project. Mr. Conley’s involvement ensures that the staff assigned to each project is a proper fit for their respective assignments, to make certain the projects move forward in a creditable and purposeful manner, and to facilitate an immediate and positive interaction with the client and its staff. As Engagement Principle, Mr. Conley maintains very close contact with each client’s Project Manager, PSRI’s Project Lead, and with all of our subcontractors throughout each project’s lifecycle. This recurrent association further serves to advance a successful partnership with the client, a reliable team that works in concert to ensure each project’s successful implementation and the timely delivery of the desired products and outcomes.